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Friday, 19 September 2008

Sometimes you just can’t think of a title…

The square of the Great American Aran Afghan that I'm working on at the moment is doing my head in, I've frogged it twice already…think I've got the jist of it now though!

Kids - don't they just do your head in!?! Matt is 15 and (as my dad used to say) at the rate he's going, he won't live to see 16! He came home 40 minutes late on Wednesday night. When I called him to find out where he was cos he naturally hadn't bothered to call or txt, he said that he'd fallen off his pushbike but was on his way home now.

So I was expecting him to come home with blood…or at least scrapes and bruises…nothing!

Then the next day he didn't come home after school until 7pm! I was so furious I grounded him, he said he'd gone to walk his girlfriend, Kara, home - Kara's an army cadet and if they were to be attacked, I reckon she'd be the one doing the protecting! Now he's pi**ed at me cos it's his best friends b/day this weekend and I've grounded him!

Then this morning I told him that he really should dig out his school fleece as it's starting to get chilly in the morning, he went back upstairs to get it. I was in the kitchen and turned as he went through the front door - without saying goodbye as per usual! I ended up chasing him down the road and yelling at him for stealing MY Meat Loaf hoodie!

He came home at lunchtime to get his cooking ingredients, I gave him a lift back to school and told him that he's become a real jerk lately and that he's not just pi**ing off family members, but he's annoying his friends as well, especially after making his friend wait here for him for four hours last week! Why doesn't he get it?

Then this evening he called his sister a c**t - I was so angry I could barely talk, I'm avoiding him at the moment, or I'll become mum of 3 PDQ!

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