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Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I was going to post yesterday, but I got distracted!

I was busy finishing up the socks I was knitting for Juliann so that I could start my first socks of 2012!

Oh....I was also watching Smallville.  If you follow me on any social media thingy, you'll know that I'm currently working my way through the entire ten seasons of Smallville!

So, new socks! 

I'm knitting Hermione's Everyday Socks which is an incredibly easy pattern! I'm knitting it in a gorgeous yarn I recently received from The Skein Queen. It's a beautiful sock yarn and the colourway is called 'Birds of Paradise' - no, you can't see it yet. Just wait until I'm finished! These socks fulfill my SKA requirements.

After this pair I'm going to knit Aragorn in a yarn from The Knitting Goddess in Onyx which will fullfill my A sock and black yarn requirement.

I'm considering the SKA mystery sock after Aragorn as it's called Bláthnat which will fulfill my B socks requirement, but I'm not sure yet - I'm waiting to see what the pattern looks like first.

Did you have a good New Year? I went to Mel's house as she was having a little party, there was food and alcohol and lots of catching up to be done.  Mason and I exchanged presents as I didn't see him over Christmas.

Dreadlock bead
He got me a HOOOGE mug that says 'Big Mouth, Big Mug' on it, a couple of bingo pens and a thingy to attach to Isis' lead which holds poo bags and a torch.

He also got me this STUNNING bead!

I was so excited to get it and I love it! It shows up really well now my hair is black cherry again - I don't think it would've looked quite so good against the purple.

I gave Mason a chocolate tool set and a chocolate lolly maker which he's been asking for for AGES! He was incredibly pleased with this, ate one of the chocolate tools and then was promised he could make lollies another day.

I bet that will be messy fun!

I also received a text at 1.30 on New Years morning to tell me that my friend, Kerry, had given birh to her fifth child 3 hours before. A gorgeous little boy and I can't wait to go and get cuddles!  Congratulations Sweetie.

I hope your New Year was as fun as mine, whatever you chose to do.

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