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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


So, I was told to spray my hair with a sea salt spray to help the knots form, which I did yesterday.

I washed it this morning and all the knots dropped out - not sure if it's because I actually submerged my head in the bath instead of gently pouring water over it, or what.

So today, I decided I would back comb it to try and hurry things up a bit and this is what I ended up with LOL

Of course, that looked ridiculous and I was trying to resign myself to missing bingo this week - no way would Mel take me looking like that! - when I had a brainwave!

On the dreadlock forums on Ravelry, someone posted about palmrolling while in the shower, so I sprayed all my new fuzz explosions and palm rolled them and ended up with what (almost) look like proper dreadlocks.

It feels very very different - like I've done a 'big' hairstyle and put loads of hairspray in it; there's movement, but away from my scalp.

It also feels quite dry because of the salt, but I'm going to leave it as long as I can before washing to give the knots a chance to get established!

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