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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Message From My Sickbed

I have the flu.

I spent last night shivering in pyjamas (which I never normally wear), under a blanket, duvet and Isis the Fluffy Puppy.

I managed to sit up long enough to drink a cup of tea, then had to go back to sleep as I had a chronic migraine.

I didn't really manage to sit up until dinner time this evening, but I did manage to finish the first bobbin on Sherry The Cherry.

This is fibre from Sarah, it's 63% SW Merino/20% Silk/14% Nylon/3% Sterling Silver! How fab! Now I just need to find something to ply it with to do it justice!

I'm supposed to be going to spinning guild tomorrow, but I have a temperature, am coughing and generally feel bleurgh - so I doubt I'll go. Quite bummed really, guild is only once a month and something always seems to get in the bloody way of it!

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  1. A no, take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon, xx