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Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Hairy Experiment

I decided I wanted a change and flirted with the idea of perming my hair, but then I remembered how much it pissed me off when I had it done as a teenager.

So I borrowed a curling tong iron thingy from my friend Natalie and had a play this morning and managed this:

Loved it loads and promptly ordered a curling iron.

I had to pop out (I took a brolly as it was raining). I was gone a couple of hours max, when I got home - it looked like this:

It's dropped a bit & looks a bit frizzed. Now, I use a frizz prevention shampoo & conditioner and I spray with Tresemme heat defense spray before using a hot iron appliance on it.

How can I help it stay looking like photo 1? Should I use mousse when it's wet or hairspray when it's dry or both? I don't know much about hairstyling (I live in a ponytail LOL)

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