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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Shop will need a name!

So I've got the dye, the fibre has been ordered, I have just about everything I need.

But I don't have a business name!

I asked on the UK RAK board of Ravelry for some suggestions and so far these have been suggested:

  • Puddytat’s Purls
  • Purrfect Fluff?
  • FluffyTatPurr?
  • Purrfect Fibre?
  • The Cat’s Miaow?
  • I Thought I Saw Purrfect Fibre?
  • Fluffosity?
  • Fibrelicious?
  • Puddytatpurr’s House of Fabulous Fluff?
  • Puddytat’s fluff n stuff
  • Puddytats purrfect fibre
  • Puddytats creations
  • Puddytats purrfect delights
  • Sheep Fluff World
  • Purr Your Delight
This list will be added to as more people suggest names to me and I plan to pick a name at some point.

Leave me a comment with your own suggestions or telling me which name you like best - please leave your comment here, not twitter or facebook; makes it easier to see who likes what!.

Don't forget to check back for updates to the list!

I must admit, I quite like Fluffosity myself but Patricia (who's suggested most of the names loves Puddytatpurr’s House of Fabulous Fluff!

So, whaddya think?


  1. Sheep fluff world?
    Quite like the cats miaow

  2. I love Fluffosity.
    You need a name which will fit on yarn labels...not too long and if you use Moo cards like Helen, shorter I think than 35 characters...