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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Home from hospital

We were late getting there as we missed the ferry, but they were ok with that.

As soon as we got there, Matt had to go and do the exercise test - he did very well on that.

We then went back to the ward and Matt spent the afternoon having various tests: Cardiac ultrasound, ECG, x-ray, blood test and had a cannula put in.

Here's a pic of his arm with the 'magic cream' (it numbs the area) on and the cannula in.

Amazingly we rushed through everything and from about 4pm; we were sat twiddling our fingers. Thankfully, they had some reasonably decent DVDs, an X-Box, a pool table, TV's everywhere and some stuff to keep Matt occupied. I had my knitting!

He was scheduled to go to theatre second on Tuesday morning, that should've been around 10am. Unfortunately, they had an emergency case come down from Neonatal ICU so we all got bumped down a space which meant Matt didn't go down until 1pm.

The procedure itself went well, but his blood thinned quite a lot during it and refused to clot so they couldn't take the sheaths (which they run the camera wire through) out of his groin while he was still under. They gave him a clotting agent and then removed the sheaths. He said the pain was awful and he coped brilliantly!

After a Cardiac Catheter you're supposed to lie flat for an hour, bed rest for the next four hours and very gentle exercise for the next two hours.

At first the consultant said we may be able to go home that night, but due to the delay in going down to theatre and the delay in coming back from theatre, it meant that the above didn't get finished until 10.15pm and hospitals get a bit funny about discharging people at that time of night. Especially when there's a risk their artery may spring a leak on the way home!

So we stayed in another night and were discharged early this morning.

Matt just has to take things easy for the next few days, gentle exercise and to keep an eye on the wound site to make sure his artery doesn't bleed again.

The surgeon and consultant were very pleased with the results; the hole has now completely closed, the aorta itself is leaking slightly along with the regurgitation but they're in no hurry to operate to fix it and his left ventricle is slightly enlarged, but they don't know why. We go back and see the consultant in six months.

I didn't sleep well there, the bed was ok - but it was boiling in there and I feel exhausted now.

I managed to work on the shawl, but didn't get as much done as I would've liked. I'd like to work on it now, but I'm finding it really hard to keep my eyes open (and it's not even 2pm) so I think I'll have to have a nap LOL

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  1. Glad everything went well and Matt is home and recovering. It must be soooo hard watching your kids go through something like this!