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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hyperlink to open in a new window

I've just learned a new trick today!

Do you remember when I told you how to create a hyperlink? Well, today I learned what to do to make that hyperlink open in a new window, like this!

First you need your link as before, let's pick good ol Google and because of my location, I'm going to pick

The link is \ right (ignore the backslash though, it's the only way to make it appear without blogger converting it LOL)? So pick your word, highlight it and create your hyperlink - Google.

Now you need to find the HTML editor, it's different for each place - for blogger it's the tab next to compose when you're writing a new post.

You'll see a load of jibberish with funny symbols and stuff, but if you look closely, you'll actually see the stuff you've been typing.

Look for google, specifically for your google address written like normal, but with some other code before it, it will start with a left pointing <, the letter a, a >, then href.

Now you want to add a space then: target="_blank" immediately before >Google.

Click on the compose tab again to finish writing your post. Publish it and have a play!

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