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Friday, 23 October 2009


do your head in!

Jess has a friend, Ellie, that has been her friend since they were both 3. They met at nursery and went through all 3 schools together. Jess often stays at Ellie's and Ellie often stays here, she says this is her second home and I'm her 'other mummy'.

As school has broken up for half term today, Jess had asked if she could stay at Ellie's tonight. I said that was ok and to nag Ellie's mother, Chele, for holiday money as Ellie is supposed to be coming camping with us next week.

So I'm sitting here at about 8.30 this evening, spinning away and listening to a David Eddings audio book and my mobile rings. It was Chele and my heart sank when she asked "Is Ellie with you?"

It turned out that Ellie had asked to stay here and Jess had asked to stay there. I had a chat with Chele to find out that another friend of theirs was apparently missing and the police had been called.

Matt, Alex and I immediately started looking. Matt had heard rumours of a party and we asked everyone we saw, but we couldn't find them.

Chele left her house and started driving over here - then promptly ran out of petrol so her mum had to go and collect her.

I called the police and reported both girls as missing. I'd been trying to call Jess all evening, but her phone was switched off.

The boys must've walked miles looking for them and I drove round and round frantically. Eventually Matt called - they'd been found!

Thankfully they're both ok and haven't even been drinking! We read them the riot act and bought them home.

Needless to say, Ellie is not allowed to come camping with us next week - I would've taken her, but Chele, understandably, isn't allowing her to go.

Funny how Jess is pissed at me for being pissed at her!

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