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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Demonstrating & Magic Loop

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a lady, Theresa, that occasionally attends our local Stitch N Bitch; she had, along with several staff members and sixth form students, started an after school knitting club and she wanted to know if I'd go along and have a chat with them all. She just wanted me to tell them how I got into knitting, show some of my work, maybe show some crochet and "please, please, please" demonstrate some spinning.

At first I was a bit wary of allowing strangers - especially kids - use my precious wheels, but as there is nothing on Eric at the moment, I decided to take Eric and Edward along. I demonstrated spinning on Edward and everyone oohed and aahed over my nice fine single and then I set Eric up and let them have a go.

The first woman who tried was hooked immediately! She watched me very carefully and picked it up almost straight away, asked loads of questions and was grinning like a Cheshire Cat when she left! Another woman then had a go, but she had trouble getting her feet to treadle while her hands drafted - in the end I did the treadling while she drafted and she loved it too. Then Theresa had a quick go, she had the same problem and I think she found it a little frustrating. After her was another woman (I can't remember names, I must've met about 15 people this afternoon!) who didn't put enough twist in, but she loved it too and asked if I would be willing to give lessons!

They all gushed over my knitwear that I had taken in too so all in all a very successful afternoon and I've been invited back whenever I want :0)

I started some more socks last week because I received Joy's latest sock club. Normally I would've been a bit blasé because it's green - but it's gorgeous! She's called it Walnut Tree and it ranges from walnut brown through dark green to light green. So I immediately cast on for Leaf Remains (Ravelry link) socks.

It's like they were made for each other; a perfect combination and I've even got some bright green that came from Natalie several months ago that will match it! Unfortunately, I didn't think of this until I was 40 rows into the pair (I'm knitting them two at a time - I bet you're impressed, eh?), so I'm going to have to undo the toes so that they will have a lovely solid green toe, heel & cuff!

I may have told you that I recently switched from DPNs to two circs for knitting socks - well this worked reasonably well, but after making the last pair; they were frankly getting on my nerves and I decided that I'd either have to suck it up, go back to DPNs (after all, I'd bought several sets) or learn Magic Loop!

I tried Magic Loop with the needles I was already using, but they were a bit short to knit TAAT (Two At A Time), so I ordered some 80cm needles.

They arrived today and I swapped the socks onto them.

It's so much faster! I've done loads this afternoon and I'm very close to turning the heel with my bright green Yarn Yard LOL

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