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Friday, 10 July 2009

Oh what a Joy

I got chatting to one of the girls at knitting group about the Schacht Ladybug because Joy told me that she'd been considering one.

She said that she didn't get one in the end because spare bobbins and such were expensive and that you had to buy different flyers for different ratios etc. She bought an Ashford Joy instead.

We discussed the Joy a little bit, then she offered to bring it to knit night on Monday so that I could see it "in the flesh" and test the lightness and ease of spinning.

I had a little play, but I didn't have any fibre to spin. It's easy to fold and extremely lightweight.

Then Su said I could take it home for the week until our spinning meet up!

That sealed the deal. I've had it at home since Monday night and spinning on it (even though hers is a single treadle) is soooo easy!

See? I did that in one evening!

I contacted Wingham Wool on Thursday morning and ordered an Ashford Joy DT. I don't know when it will get here, but I hope it's soon.

I want to spin!

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