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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

It grows…

Tut, Lidl decided to sell some wool this week, look what I came home with!

Then I added that to my stash and that's when I realised that I actually am acquiring quite a respectable stash…I'm quite proud of myself lol…don't tell Mel though, she'll shoot me!

I've decided that I love knitting for other people, but only on MY terms, I don't like people to expect knitted stuff simply because I've said I'll do it. I'm doing a jumper for Nic, but the body is too short, the arms are SERIOUSLY pissing me off and I want to set fire to the whole damn thing. Kerry, this is probably gonna fit Phoebe better than it will Nic…sorry!

I can't wait for all the Christmas knitting to be finished, I've had enough of it now. In fact, I'm sick of it all! I don't think it helps that I've wound my yarn and bought the beads for Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights. I just wanna start it!

If you look back at previous posts, you may think some of the photos are different. I rearranged my files on Photobucket which changed all the links, so I've had to reload the pics.

1 comment:

  1. Nice stash! My stuff still fits in a drawer so I am seriously jealous!