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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Inconsiderate dog owners!

So, the beginning of this week was dreadful, migraines descended on Sunday - I woke up with one actually. By Tuesday I was in agony, outta my tree on painkillers and thoroughly sick of the whole thing. I was also suffering secondary pains in my shoulders, neck and back.

By teatime on Tuesday, I'd managed to get it under some degree of control -– it kinda felt like I'd stuck a cushion on top of it and then sat on it! After some argument with Mum, I decided I WAS going to the cinema with her, Matt & Kyle to see James Bond Quantum of Solace and promised that if it got bad, I would leave the theatre and go lie down in the car. But we also agreed that if all went well, we'd go to Tesco after and grab the weekly groceries!

I sat through the film with no problems, thoroughly enjoyed it and we decided we'd go and do the shopping.

We came home, unloaded and I went to park the car. I keep my car in a road opposite, we own a piece of land which acts like a driveway – it's just not attached to our house. We get to it via a footpath opposite my house which comes out directly opposite my car.

I was walking down the footpath back to the house with Mum and the boys, I'd linked arms with Matt – we were just passing a bollard in the middle of the path when my foot slid out from underneath me. I hadn't seen anything because the one and only lamp on that path was behind us at that point, but when we all moved we saw a HUGE pile of dog mess right between the hedge and bollard, so it was effectively in the middle of the right half of the path.

I ended up with dog crap all over my £150 New Rock boots, the return of my migraine and pulled muscles all down the right side of my body!

I bloody HATE people who don't clean up after their dogs – I have a back problem which causes me CONSTANT pain and yet I manage to pick up the mess that Isis makes and any mess that Kim makes if I'm out with whoever is walking him! So if I can do it, then why the hell can't everyone else!


  1. I am with you on being frustrated and angry with dog owners who dont clean up after their dogs! They make it so hard on those of us who wouldn't dream of leaving a mess. If you can't pick up dog poop, don't get a dog. Duh!

  2. Sorry to hear this happened to you. I think most dog owners here pick up after their dog.

    Many years ago, back in San Francisco, I remember seeing a guy use something (newspaper? forget what it was, but that's not important) to push/scoop his dog's poop off the sidewalk and INTO the street! I'm thinking this is not any better cuz some poor victim will end up with it all over his tires.