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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Winge time

We had a knitting meet up on Monday night at Medina Quay, most of us turned up which was great! When we arrived, we found two older men sitting at our table. They asked if they could stay at the table with us women, but I said 'only if you knit' lol - he refused to believe that I was part of the knitting group and demanded to see my work.

Yes, I knit AND crochet and I have piercings and tattoos! Why do people find that so hard to believe?

My son Matt came home last night after spending a couple of nights at his girlfriend Kara's house - he didn't get up until nearly 1pm today, then around 3pm asked when I was going to do laundry. I told him that laundry would only be done if clean stuff was taken upstairs AND put away and dirty stuff was bought down and sorted into the laundry bin.

He shot off upstairs to sort his laundry out, bought it all downstairs and I stuck some in the machine - when it had finished, I took it outside to put on the line - he followed me out and said "wouldn't it dry quicker in the drier?"
Outside looks like this:
He doesn't get why the hell I'd pay the electric on a tumble drier if I can use the sun and fresh air!

Teens - dontcha just love em - roll on term time again!

On the plus side, I did manage to get some sunbathing done, which is great for my psoriasis, but that means I didn't get any knitting done so far today - I'm off to cook dinner then make up the romper suit I'm currently making!

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