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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Mel moved, romper finished, shawl progress

Mel and her family moved yesterday into their new house, I took the boys down and we all pitched in - at one point her front garden looked like this: It took most of the day, but we finally had everything piled up in the lounge by dinner time lol, I've just received a text from her saying that so far they've managed to get Laura's room sorted - everyone slept on mattresses on the floor last night lol.
I've finished ANOTHER romper suit for Phoebe, it's very pretty and looks adorable, but I must be honest the pattern was SOOOOOOOOOO boring!

I've started a shawl called Cinnamon Latte for the Ravelympics, I've never knitted lace before and I had to frog a few times before I caught the jist of it, but I finally managed to get going and this is how much I managed in a few hours - it doesn't look like much - that's an A4 piece of paper it's lying on, but I'm proud of it lol. If I remember, I will try and post daily pictures of my progress.

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