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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Shawl progress

Well, it's the last day of the olympics and it's not finished - gutted! Oh well, I'm still going on with it, it goes fine until I hit one of the pattern rows - they're all K2tog and yarn overs and I always end up with one stitch too few or too many at the end of the round!

I'm now on Pattern row 7 and it's a decrease row too - got to the end of that last night and had about 9 stitches too few so I frogged the entire row!

It's driving me crazy lol - as you can see, I've now incorporated ALL of the colours and the pattern is definitely noticeable now, which is how I was able to find a stitch that I'd dropped yesterday!

I reckon that if I hadn't dropped that stitch (which took me 20 minutes to find as it was in amongst a hole cluster!) and managed to complete a pattern row first time without having to undo it and check it every 30 seconds as I go around, I might well have finished within the Ravelympics time limit. I'm not too disappointed (I just wanted the right to brag lol), I don't consider myself a novice by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm not an expert either and this is the first time I've knitted lace and in all honesty, I've thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn't feel at all worried about knitting this again for someone else!

I'm also bloody annoyed as I wiped my other computer now I've got this one then discovered that all the patterns I've downloaded and bookmarked aren't on this computer and I can't remember where I found most of them.

I'm not going to bother looking for them until I've cleared some of my current queue of projects - I've got wool to do at least 4 projects - that'll keep me going for a couple of weeks anyway!

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