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Monday, 7 July 2008


It's erm........4.15am - I'm awake, still............again! This is a common occurrence which seems to be becoming more and more frequent lately, wonder if it's the medication I'm on, I shall ask when I see the doc later.

I decided to put all my photo's onto memory stick, trouble is they're all on snapfish and it takes ages to save each individual photo back onto my pc - they don't seem to have a facility for mass download, but they do have a mass upload. Bit inconvenient!

My poor puppy has been ill lately, her name is Isis and she's a Shih Tzu, she's nearly 8 months old and about a week ago, she stopped eating. I took her to the vet and they said her temperature was up, they gave her a shot and told me to take her back on Friday, which I did.

Temperature was normal, so they sent me home.

On Saturday Mel was here, she was forcing me to do housework (tut!) and I knew Isis wasn't right as she still hadn't eaten. But then she ate half a can of food and I was starting to feel a lot better about the whole thing, even though she wasn't herself.

Anyway, Mel and I were having a tea break from the cleaning, when Isis suddenly woke up from her sleep and started screaming, she came running over to me and it was obvious that she was in pain. I picked her up and tried to reassure her, then I took her out to the garden, thinking she may be constipated as it's a problem she has had in the past.

She would only walk a few steps, then stop and sit, her back was slightly hunched. I picked her up and took her back inside. I put her on my bed while I phoned the vet and she started throwing up. The vet, Nicola, and I decided I should take her in for an emergency appt.

Her temperature was 105.5, apparently it's supposed to be around the 100 mark. Nicola decided to keep Isis in, I was devastated! Isis hasn't spent a night away from me since I got her!

She spent the weekend doing tests on Isis, I had to nag for information, which I wasn't too happy about, but Nicola was very honest with me and told me she was baffled. She didn't know why Isis wasn't eating or why her temperature kept going up and down.

On Monday morning, she told me Isis seemed happier in herself and that I could go and collect her because she would be more relaxed at home and probably eat something...well, when I got there I was furious. Isis barely moved, I went a bit ballistic and ended up shouting at Richard, the head vet, who took it all very well.

We agreed that I would take her home while they awaited blood test results and I would take her back in to see him on Tuesday.

I basically spent the next week going backwards and forwards to the vets, her temperature stayed up and she didn't eat. Her x-rays are clear, as is the ultrasound, so Richard took some blood and sent it off to the Royal Veterinary College last week to see if they could find anything wrong with her, even though we think she has had some sort of intestinal virus.

Then on Friday evening, Alex managed to get her to eat 10 treats! Richard and I were very pleased and decided to see how she went over the weekend, she's eating a little more each day, which I'm eternally grateful - holding your beloved dog and being able to feel her spine is horrible!

Today she ate some puppy food, some biscuits and a lot of treats and we went for a little walk up on the cliff!

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