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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Isis @ the vets, knitting

Took Isis back to the vet today for another check up - her temperature was normal, thank god. She's eating more now and is definitely happier about things.

I'm going to spend tomorrow looking around for pet insurance because I think I've spent about £600 at the vets over the past fortnight!

We held our first Island Knit and natter last night, there were 10 of us in total and it was great! We met upstairs in Joe's and we must've looked like a bunch of right weirdo's all knitting and gassing away! I thoroughly enjoyed it (apart from the hard chairs they have in there!) and can't wait til the next one!

I've almost finished a crochet blanket I'm making for Kerry's baby, she now has (nearly) two blankets and two matinee jackets, I also have a dress in progress for her. As soon as I've finished the crochet blanket, I'll make a start on a matinee jacket and bonnet set I have a pattern and wool for.

My purple pattern folder - PPF - is about to gain weight, I've just been reading this thread and I sooooooooo want to do it, Jess has already informed me that she'd love another blanket, but I'd like to do it for Mum - maybe as a Christmas present, trouble is, I've got so much more queued lol!

I hate knitting/crocheting without doing something else, staring at needles without glancing away gives me a headache, ideally I either knit when I've got company or when there's something to watch on TV, unfortunately, I just don't have anything to watch right now - that's not good!

I have to apologise to Kerry - she shouted at me for posting that pic of her in my opening post and demanded to know why I don't have better pic of her lol

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