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Thursday, 3 July 2008

About Me!

Ummmm, I can never think of anything when I decide to start a diary, or blog in this case.

But I decided I really should post about me, I tend to ramble, so feel free to daydream!

I've just turned.......ummmmmmmmmmmmm......*whispers* 33. I'm a single mum to Kyle (16), Matt (15), Jess (13) & Alex (12). My kids are great, altho they are hard work. Kyle & Alex both suffer from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and tempers fly at the drop of a hat! Matt is 15 and a teenager - nuff said! Jess is 13 and hormonal - again, nuff said lol.

I suffer from Chronic Pain Syndrom (CPS), Ehlers Danlo
s Syndrome, migraines and insomnia! During those insomniac hours (which seem to be increasing at a rapid rate recently) I like to watch crappy television series and knit or crochet.

I'm also an avid reader and I recently splurged and bought myself a cybook gen 3 which you can see at - what a fabulous idea!

I own a Shih Tzu called Isis who is nearly 8 months old and several cats, not sure how many as they come and go as they please lol.

I am godmother to Mason who was born last year and he's adorable, altho he's at that annoying stage where he can now move and he touches everything, he's driving his mum, Mel, to distraction!

My mum is my best friend, she lives next door to me. She helps me out a lot with anything physical that I can't do, altho I try not to rely on her too much because she's getting on now and I feel so guilty!

My father died of cancer last year on my 32nd birthday, what a shit day that was! That's pretty much all I want to say about that, it's still too raw really.

My friends: Mel (my godson's mother) - I've known her since I was 8 and she is my oldest friend and probably knows everything about me - well more than she'd like to anyway lol.

Ally - AKA The Mad Scottish Woman. She lives in Scotland which is the opposite end of the country from me, which is probably why our friendship has lasted as long as it has!!! I met Ally through an AOL chatroom, we speak frequently on the phone and we finally met in person last year. I'm going up again this year to visit her for her birthday. I can't wait to see her. Ally is a medical screw up, like myself and we spend a lot of time commiserating with each other. Ally is probably the only person in the world who understands what I mean when I phone her at stupid hours and cry "it hurts" to! She has frequently told me that I know her better than anyone, which makes me feel very honoured. The nickname was given to her by my kids who will meet her for the first time this year.

Kerry - Kerry used to live just up the road from me with her 3 children, Herbie, Josh &
Dominic. We were the first ppl to invite Herbie round for a play date when they first moved here. Kerry moved to :location removed at Kerry's request: last June, but came back less than a month later to attend my father's funeral - which I'm eternally grateful! Kerry is pregnant with her daughter who she plans to name Phoebe and for whom I am knitting loads of blankets and clothes. I shall visit Kerry in August just after she's had the baby, I'll stay with her for two nights then I'm going on up to Scotland to visit Ally.

I'll write some more and post some photos later :-)

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  1. well what i say samantha !! im speechless and as for your new talent wowwwwwwwwwwwww factor deffo cant wait to be a granny now lol