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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

As you may remember from previous posts; I sleep on the floor.

I started doing this after going camping in Scotland and sleeping really comfortably all week.

That was several years ago and I have slept on the floor ever since. From time to time, I'll sleep on the sofa - usually when my back aches.

I have a theory that my back adapts to whatever treatment it is currently receiving - be it physiotherapy or medication and the treatment stops working after a while.

My back has been aching loads lately, I've had to sleep more propped up to try and relieve the pain!

A short while ago, I stayed at Debs' house and slept on a sofa futon in her spare room. It was really comfortable! Due to the fact that things got very uncomfortable, I decided to buy myself one.

I had a voucher for Argos that gave me £20 off if I spent over £200, so I went in and ordered. The next day Argos tweeted that they were doing a 15% off all indoor furniture on top of all other offers. So I bitched and moaned on twitter and within four hours I received a phone call telling me that I would be receiving a cheque refuding me £54 - 15%! Very happy!

I had a week to do some rearranging to make room for this sofa/futon in the craft room.

I started with this. I just stood and looked at it at first, wondering where the hell I was going to put everything.

I started out by moving my armchair out of the room (this photo was taken after I'd done that) - that's gone next door to my mum. Then I moved Sherry The Cherry and the new Joy into the front room.

As I no longer need to pack all my bedding into a chest in my room (the sofa/futon has underbid storage!) I packed all my fleece into that. This freed up a large tub (the kind you use in the garden) which I dumped all my sock yarn into. I packed and rearranged and shifted stuff until I had made enough space.

Then I washed the floor!

I knew the table would also have to come out - that was also destined to go to my Mum's; I stole it from her in the first place LOL, but I left it deciding I would do it the following morning.

When I originally ordered, they told me delivery would be between 12pm and 6pm, then yesterday I received a text telling me between 1pm and 3pm.

This morning, at 8am, they called and asked if they could deliver between 9am and 10am! They had woken me so I was slightly fuzzy, but said that was fine.

Then realised I had to get up, get dressed, move the table out and resweep the floor (I always sweep again after washing). I managed to get all that done in time!

It not only fits, I've even made a space larger than was required! It's very easy to fold it down to a bed, is quite firm but comfortable.

I'm looking forward to sleeping on it tonight!


  1. Looks great! I've slept on a futon for years and find anything softer a real pain.

  2. What a great amount of space! Well done luv! Am so impressed! And at your whining skills to Argos! PuddytatPower!

  3. Awesome! We're on an airbed until we move-no space for a futon!