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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Oh dear....

So I woke up this absolute agony! It's either because of yesterday or because I sleep flat - I'm wondering if I need to sleep more propped up....

Mum came round yesterday and said the tax on the van is due to expire at the end of this month. She was concerned as we hadn't had a reminder. She showed me the paperwork she had for the van - she had the receipt and the registration document that the dealer was supposed to have sent to the DVLA when we bought the van!

I've just got off the phone with the DVLA, they say the dealer obviously did things 'backwards' and that we should still be able to tax the vehicle at the post office. Then I told him that the previous buyer of the van backed out right at the last minute, but the dealer had already written his details on the registration then used Tipp-Ex.

DVLA says that makes the registration null and void and there's a good chance the Post Office will refuse to tax it.

I asked what to do then, he said I would have to apply for new registration documents before I can tax it - this can take four to six weeks!

Mum is going to go to the post office in a minute and see if she can blag a tax disc, if not; I think she's planning on visiting the dealership and having a rant!

We go on holiday in eleven days!

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