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Thursday, 24 March 2011

It must be spring!

Gorgeous weather today, so gorgeous that I sat outside in the garden for several hours when I got up!

Eventually though the memory of my messy house intruded so I had to go back inside and do something about it! I washed the dishes, wiped down worktops, then I vacuumed upstairs hall, vacuumed kitchen, cut Mum's hair, cut Jessica's hair, vacuumed kitchen again, vacuumed downstairs hall, then I tidied, rearranged and vacuumed the craftroom.

After all that; Alex, Jess, Andy (Jess' boyfriend) and I took Isis for a really long walk!

My new chair is now in the craftroom and tonight I'm back to sleeping in my room again!

I'm exhausted but I've had a very productive day......and I did it all with no painkillers!!!

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