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Sunday, 31 October 2010


We've done quite a bit of driving about over the past couple of days. We spent last night in this quiet little car park and after a morning walk we headed for Portmeirion.

It cost us a total of £18.50 to get in and I'll be honest; I don't think it was worth it! It was cute enough,but it was just cafés, ice cream parlours and shops selling Portmeirion crockery! I wasn't impressed that Isis wasn't allowed in the village either!

I did pick up this gorgeous bag though! I wish now I'd bought the apron too though!

Tonight we're in a carpark at the base of Snowdon and tomorrow, we're going up the mountain in a steam train!

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1 comment:

  1. I think in Portmeirion it helps if you're a fan of The Prisoner, gives everything an extra dimension! And if the weather's good there are some nice walks through the woods and to the beach.

    I've been lots of times and always loved it, but have to admit it was never me paying the entrance fee :-P