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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What they teach 14 year old boys at school

My son came home with this piece of paper today - I thought I'd share it with you.

50 ways to show someone you love them other than having sex.
  1. Give them your last Rolo.
  2. Say "I love you"
  3. Tickle them
  4. Pick them a flower
  5. Send them a romantic txt
  6. Flirt
  7. Kiss when people aren't looking
  8. Name a star after them
  9. Take them to places that mean a lot to them
  10. Watch a romantic video together
  11. Be with them when they are upset
  12. Take them to the place where you first met
  13. Organise an 'I love you' message out the back of a plane
  14. Help them with their problems
  15. Go for a romantic walk on the beach
  16. Give them loving cuddles - even in the street
  17. Make sure they are safe
  18. Write them a poem using their name as a subject
  19. Make them a walkway to a dinner table using roses and candles
  20. Buy them a piece of the moon
  21. Compliment them and make them feel special
  22. Go paddling on a summer's day together
  23. Leave romantic notes on their pillow
  24. Cuddle each other and fall asleep in front of a fire
  25. Hold their hand
  26. Write their name in the sand
  27. Run them a bath
  28. Learn to say 'I love you' in 10 different languages
  29. Make a CD of their favourite songs
  30. Write their name with a sparkler
  31. Throw them a surprise party
  32. Phone them every day
  33. Listen to love songs together
  34. Do something fun and have a laugh together
  35. Support and offer them advice
  36. Share strawberries dipped in chocolate
  37. Share secrets
  38. Decorate their room/house in all their favourite things
  39. Take them on surprise trips
  40. Hold them and let them know you care
  41. Send them flowers at college/work
  42. Cook them their favourite meal
  43. Be open and honest
  44. Make something for them
  45. Take an interest in something personal to them
  46. Listen to their problems
  47. Be a shoulder to cry on
  48. Be willing to compromise
Yes, I know that's only 48, but on the piece of paper he had; they'd missed out the number 16 and had written 'Cuddle each other and fall asleep in front of a fire' twice.

This was given to a 14 year old boy!



  1. Gordon Bennett and other people of such ilk! When we were 14 we were struggling with sine, co sine, and trying to remember what a glacial moraine was!