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Sunday, 15 May 2011

What do I do about Woolfest?

I decided ages ago that this year, I would be going to Woolfest - come hell or high water!

Nothing will prevent me from going - I've even turned down being a bridesmaid!

Then Mum came up with the idea of turning it into a mini holiday; we decided to go up a few days early and explore the Lake District a bit. She could go off and do whatever she liked while I was drooling (figuratively) over fibre!

Today she has informed me that, due to the Italy holiday costing more than we'd planned, she can't afford to go!

We were going to take the camper and wild camp, so I haven't booked a hotel which I wouldn't really want to do anyway due to the whole sleeping on the floor thing and it'll cost quite a bit to take the camper on my own.

Taking the car would be slightly cheaper than the camper, but I'd have nowhere to sleep other than the car - that would mean no toilet at night and no tea lol.

If I take the camper, I'll be alone at night - this obviously makes me slightly nervous, but it's a home away from home with all the conveniences.

I wonder if any of my friends fancy sharing my camper with me?

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  1. I just answered on Twitter :)

  2. The obvious answer is to take me with you! Soon as I mentioned your "problem", Steve said I should go! What a cool guy!

  3. I hope your mother appreciates quite how much she's put you out here.