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Friday, 2 July 2010

So, let's see how many people really read my blog LOL

Today - 3rd July - is my bloggaversary. This year it's been two years since I first started blogging.

So much has happened since then!

My knitting has really taken off, I've learned to spin, I've learned to dye, I'm trying to get my business off the ground.

Today I came to the realisation that fleece prep is just beyond me! It makes my back hurt far too much! Now I'm going to have to decide whether to slowly prep what I've got here, or sell it on!

So, to celebrate my bloggaversary and to cheer myself up; I'm doing a giveaway!

Go and have a look at my shop - see anything you really like? Do you have any suggestions? Any requests? Any comment to make at all as long as it's something better than 'pick me pick me!' (which is all I can ever think to comment on giveaways LOL). Post your comment here and after 24 hours, I will chuck all the names into a hat (unless I can find and figure out a random number generator) and pull one at random.

The winner will get to choose one item from my shop absolutely free! No obligations, I will not follow you around the internet moaning that you took advantage but then didn't buy anything more, it will be absolutely 100%, no obligation free!

Go for it!


  1. I love the Gypsy silk hankie, it's a beautiful color and I love all of your yarns. The colors are gorgeous! Your Jester Roving looks like a lot of fun too.

  2. I absolutely love your crumble, custard and a cherry on top yarn! And seriously you expect me to look at your shop and just choose one thing that i like? :0) I have to admit (unfortunately for my bank balance) there is nothing in your shop that I dont like!

  3. Aww Happy Bloggaversary! I know it's a day late, I wasn't online yesterday as it was my daughter's 1st birthday! Really sorry to hear about the fleece issues, if it's making you that unhappy and causing your back such pain I don't think it's worth it hun as you won't be truly enjoying it. Just my 2p worth. PS Love everything purple in your shop, I'm a bit of a goth girl myself ;)

  4. your pink roses roving is gorgeous, love it,
    the colours are perfectly me!!

  5. Love the aubergine roving, but it wouldn't do me any good, haven't got any spinning equipment. Think the handkerchiefs are gorgeous too :)

  6. Duh I just realised today isn't Sunday so that actually means today is Happy Blogaversary!!

  7. totally loving Lights in the dark but thats not a surprise as its purple!! well done for the last two years hun, you are flying!!


  8. I try not to look at your shop as it wants me to spend all my money! The colours on each page are fabulous and I want ALL the yarn!! If I had to choose one, I'd choose Wight Walker - Lights in the Dark. If I win, I'll buy the other one so I have both LOL. My only suggestion ( and I don't know if you can do this on Folksy, so it might be useless!) would be to have categories on the front page, so people could find what they want quicker, yarn, roving or whatever. It's a great shop, well done!

  9. Haha, I was wondering just the same when I posted my giveaway. So, I will push yours if you push mine lol. BTW, I always read your blog, it often makes me smile.
    Things I really like Sandown ocean and crumble at the top of the list.
    BTW 2 mine is at

  10. Love the vibrant colours. Possibly have larger ammounts of fibre for sale for people wanting to make larger projects? Doesn't say if there is more than one lot of colours, or if it does I missed it

  11. always love a competition :)
    congrats on the blog anniversary :D!

    good luck :D Longdrawjames

  12. What lovely things in your shop. I have been the proud owner of a spinning wheel for just a few days and am window shopping online. Your creativity is inspiring and awesome, you are so lucky. I will be looking at buying some BFL rovings to help get me started as I love the description, "Sooooooo soft and fluffy".

    I also adore "gothic windsor" and "pink roses" - you are so good with colour!

    Thank you for sharing such lovely things online.

    Tattyknits (Ravelry)