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Friday, 22 January 2010

Hanging Around

The problem with spinning is that you need somewhere to hang your newly spun yarn once you've spun it and washed it to set the twist.

Give it a good soak then roll it in a towel and walk on it to get any excess water out. Thwack it against something too if that's what you like to do.

Then you need somewhere to hang it.

I was in Hurst's the other day. Hurst's is one of those shops that sells kitchen stuff and hardware. All the fancy bone china mugs are at the front of the shop, then you go into the section where all the breadmakers, coffee makers and mixers are, then into the section where they sell everything you could possibly need in your kitchen and out the back is where you'll find screws, drills, door handles and other ironmongery type stuff).

I found big hooks! They're actually used to hanging saucepans from one of those overhead pan rack things.

Well I bought a pack and I've hung them from the rings around my curtain pole - which also happens to be directly above a radiator and in front of a window. So in the winter, the heat from the radiator will dry it and in the summer the sun will!


  1. mine's on the radiator.
    though we do have a metal curtain pole above the radiator, see what hubby can do with a metal coat hanger!

  2. Now that is a cool idea, thanks for sharing, I have those hooks on the front rail of my cooker for drying my boots!